Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner, According to Wiley Events Co


Alexia Crossman, owner of Wiley Events Co, shares why hiring a wedding planner is one of the most important things you can do while planning the wedding of your dreams!
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Photo by Becca Rizzo Photography, Design & Planning by Wiley Events Co

I want you to take a minute to picture your wedding day. 

How does your big day start? Do you envision spending the day with your wedding party, getting your hair and makeup done and enjoying this special time together? Or do you picture placing linens on tables, setting floral arrangements, and double checking your seating chart?

What do you see in the moments before you walk down the aisle? Do you hear musicians playing in the background? Do you have the chance to smell your fragrant floral bouquet, or squeeze your father’s arm as your song begins to play? Or, are you too busy lining up your friends and family and making sure the right music is playing to take in the magic of the moment? 

When you envision your reception, what do you see? Do you imagine sitting blissfully with your new husband or wife, sipping champagne, listening to toasts from loved ones and dancing the night away? Or do you imagine checking in with your catering staff, entertainment and bar to ensure everything is going off without a hitch and that they are keeping on the schedule? 

Your wedding day is an experience that you’ll only have once. You (and your loved ones) should be fully in the moment, enjoying each and every detail, savoring each memory. 

That’s why I cannot stress hiring a wedding planner enough. When you invest in a wedding planner for your big day, you and your loved ones will have the chance to experience your wedding day exactly as you should – blissfully and without stress. It is, after all, a celebration! 

raleigh wedding planner
Photo by Becca Rizzo Photography, Design & Planning by Wiley Events Co

If you’re still on the fence about hiring a wedding planner for your big day, here are five additional reasons why you need one: 

  1. Planning is way easier. While you may love dreaming about your wedding day, you might not have the time or the expertise to plan every single detail. How can you be expected to know how many glasses to rent, or how much time to buffer in for guests to eat? Hiring a wedding planner will help you focus on the things that truly matter most to you during the planning season! I understand that your time is incredibly valuable. That’s why as a Wiley Events Co couple, you’ll get access to a personalized, online suite of modern wedding planning tools to simplify the wedding planning process and give you and your partner the gift of time.
  2. Relationships. Hiring a wedding planner will give you access to long-standing working relationships and personalized recommendations, tailored just to you. No longer do you have to rely completely on a Google search, Instagram or a wedding vendor site to find and hire your wedding vendors. Your wedding planner will have worked with many different wedding vendors across many different budgets and aesthetics, and can make the perfect suggestion for you. 
  3. You may save money. Because of your wedding planner’s expertise and experience, she may be able to help you save additional money when it comes to your wedding day. Perhaps your planner can suggest an alternate vendor that costs less than what you had originally planned for, or she can help you make cost-effective choices when it comes to rentals. She can work with your florist to repurpose arrangements between the ceremony and reception or she can come up with creative timeline solutions that allow you to maximize your open bar time. When you work with an experienced wedding professional, there are so many unexpected ways you may be able to save. 
  4. You’ll have a cohesive and personalized wedding design. Your love story is unique, and your wedding should be too. I take the time to get to know you and your partner, so that I can help tell your story through cohesive and curated experiential design. You may have a color palette and inspiration in mind, but your wedding planner will be able to help you execute that vision and turn it into a reality. From venue to decor to florals to rentals to paper details to menu, there are so many ways to make your wedding feel like “you” from start to finish. Don’t you want your wedding to feel unique to you and not like every other wedding you’ve seen online? Your wedding planner can help! 
  5. You can be fully in the moment on your wedding day. When all is said and done, the MOST important thing is that you and your partner (and your loved ones!) can enjoy your wedding day. You only get to experience your wedding day once, you shouldn’t have to worry about tablescapes and timelines! Your wedding planner will bring you invaluable expertise leading up to and on the day of the wedding. She will be able to handle any sticky situations that may come up, manage vendors, keep everyone on time, set up decor items and ensure your creative vision is executed, run the ceremony, manage guest experience, direct all reception announcements, get your gifts and decor safely home and make sure the venue is clean. Believe me, you don’t want to be thinking about any of those things on your wedding day! 

If you want your wedding planning process to be simplified and for you and your loved ones to fully experience your wedding day without stress, don’t hesitate! Do yourself a favor and hire a wedding planner. 

Wondering if you should hire a wedding planner or if your venue coordinator will do? Head to Alexia’s blog and she’ll walk you through why it’s important to hire a professional no matter what!

Photo by Becca Rizzo Photography, Design & Planning by Wiley Events Co

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May 19, 2020



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