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There’s few things this Raleigh Portrait Photographer loves more than Pregnancy Announcements! There’s something just so fun about capturing two soon-to-be parents’ excitement as they get ready to announce their life-changing plans to their friends.

When my friend, Brenna with Ivy + Linen Design, contacted me to tell me about the pregnancy, I nearly cried with excitement! Within a few weeks, we had the session planned to make sure she didn’t have to wait much longer to announce. (I’m sure waiting to announce is so hard!)

Here are my favorites from the session, which we had so fun with! I’m so excited to watch these two become such great parents!

raleigh pregnancy announcement
raleigh pregnancy announcement
raleigh pregnancy announcement
raleigh photographer
raleigh photographer
raleigh pregnancy announcement

If you want to see another Pregnancy Announcement, check out Jordan & Harper’s by clicking here!

Raleigh Portrait Photographer

March 11, 2020




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